As SCBC continues to reopen conservatively and cautiously, please note the following safety and health precautions for in-person attendance at worship services and ministry programs:

  1. Please ensure to have a well-fitted mask on at all times within the church facility, and observe public health practices as always.
  2. Group eating is outdoor only. But exceptions are allowed under adverse weather conditions (click here for details).
  3. Close contact sports such as basketball are allowed subject to extra precautions (click here for details).
  4. Children worship and programs will have more stringent precautionary measures.
  5. If you are sick or have any of the COVID symptoms, you must refrain from returning in-person to church. Should you be tested positive after a SCBC sanctioned event, please call the SCBC office immediately. The office will provide guidelines regarding notifications to the close contacts for self-monitoring,

Thanks very much for your understanding. For any questions or concerns, please contact the church office at 416-297-8011. Please also continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection, and unity among us all.


  1. 請在教會內任何時間務必戴上合適的口罩,並一如既往地遵守公共衛生規範。
  2. 集體用餐僅限於戶外。但在惡劣天氣下容許例外 (詳細信息請看此處)。
  3. 允許密切接觸的運動,例如籃球,但需採取額外的預防措施 (詳細信息請看此處) 。
  4. 兒童崇拜及事工活動會有較嚴謹的預防措施。
  5. 如果您生病或有任何感染新冠病毒的症狀,必須避免返回教會。又若您在士浸認可的事工活動參與後檢測呈陽性,請立即致電教會辦事處,辦事處同工將提供有關通知密切接觸者進行自我監測的指引。

感謝弟兄姊妹的體諒。如有任何問題或疑慮,請致電 416-297-8011 聯絡教會辦事處。也懇請繼續禱告求神帶領與保守, 讓我們在主裹合一。

Date:Jun 12, 2022 / 日期:2022年6月12日

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