What is SummerFun in SCBC?
SummerFun is a day camp combined with two camps: Faith Builder and SALT

Who is Eligible to Faith Builder?
Faith Builder is a day camp for children from age 4 (by July 1, 2020) to entering Gr. 1-6 (by September).

What does Faith Builder camp look like?
In the morning, we will have Bible stories, drama, singing, small group discussion, and snacks (please bring your own Nut-free food).
In the afternoon, it’s all about SIA – Special Interest Activities: Arts & Crafts, Games & Sports, Science & Computers, Life Skills (cooking, gardening), and Performance Arts (dance, music, drama). These activities are subject to change.

Can I sign up for only one week of Faith Builder?
To get the full experience of Faith Builder, we recommend you sign up for both weeks, but one week registration will be open if space is available.

Who is Eligible to the Spiritual Action Leadership Training (SALT)?

  • For youth who have accepted Jesus as his/her Savior;
  • Youth entering Gr. 7 or 8 in September;
  • A member or regular attendee of SCBC;
  • Being screened in after interviewing; and
  • Able to attend of all 3 weeks+2 days camp and all trainings before the camp. Absent of any one session will be disqualified.

What does SALT camp look like?

  • Week 1 is focused on training and building leadership skills.
  • Weeks 2&3 will put these skills into practice during camp. These 3 weeks will be rewarding; learning together, serving together, and bonding with each other.

Can I sign up for only the week that I available for SALT?

When is the last day for registration for both camps?
There is no registration deadline. Registration will be closed once we receive the maximum number of registrants.

What is the camp cancellation policy?

  • A $20 Administration Fee will be charged for change of camp weeks/cancellation after registration. A written explanation is required.
  • NO full or partial refund or credit or rain check after April 1, 2020.
  • For Faith Builder, a $50 Administration Fee will be charged for change of camp weeks during the camp and it will be subject to availability.
  • Should there be any changes or cancellation of camp outings due to unforeseeable circumstances such as unfavorable weather conditions, there will be no refund of any camp registration fees.
  • SummerFun reserves the right to decline registration and/or terminate the participation of any campers when necessary or appropriate. In such an event, an explanation will be provided and a pro-rated registration fee will be refunded.

What if my child(ren) can’t make it to camp on any given day?
If your child(ren) cannot come on any day during the camp, you will have to call the church office at 416-297-8011 and leave a message before 9:00 am.

When are the weekly trips and are there extra costs?

  • Grade 1-6 and SALT campers will have a weekly trip every Friday. Transportation and admission fees are included in their camp fees.
  • JK and SK campers do not have off-site trips.

Do you have any discounts available?

  • Early bird registration.
  • New camper.
  • Multiple children in the same family (from the 3rd & more).

Do you have before/after camp care?

  • Before camp care (8:00-9:00 am) is available at a cost of $20/week.
  • After camp care (3:30-5:30 pm) is also available at a cost of $40/week.
  • Pay-as-you-go option for $6/session.
  • A late pick-up charge of $2/minute (after 5:30 pm) will apply.

What should my child(ren) bring to the camp?

  • A pre-camp package will be sent to the parents/guardians a week before the camp.
  • Check the whiteboard at the front of camp on a daily basis to receive all updates and requirements for the following camp day.
  • Each child should bring sunscreen, hat, water bottle, and extra clothes for outdoor trips.
  • Bring PEANUT/NUT free lunches, snacks and drinks.

Do you provide lunch/snacks?

  • To avoid the food contamination/allergies, no food will be provided to Faith Builder campers.
  • Only breakfast will be provided to SALT for the 2nd & 3rd weeks. Lunch and snacks are NOT provided throughout the training and camp time. Camp food is nut-free but not made in inspected nut-free facilities. We do not cater to individual dietary restrictions. No refund is available.
  • Please bring your own nut-free lunch and snacks all the time.

Can I drop off my child(ren) before 8:30 am? I have to go to work. I permit my child(ren) stay in the church property without adult supervision.
Due to the insurance policy, NO child(ren)will be allowed to stay in the church property without designated supervision before, during, or after camp time.

Can I come before 8:00 am and stay with my child(ren) until the camp start?

Can my older child, who is a SALT, take care of my younger one after 3:30 pm, thus eliminating my need to pay the extended care fee?
No, SALT camp will finish at 4:30 pm. SALT will not able to take care of younger siblings. However, free after camp extended care will be provided for SALT siblings. This also applies for the before camp extended care. In order to provide the proper children supervision ratio, you MUST pre-register this service. Last minute notice will not be accepted.

Can my child be grouped together with a friend?
Please send your request to if you have this concern and we will do our best to accommodate should the situation allow for it.

Can I buy an extra camp T-shirt?
Please send your request to before May.

Is my child allowed to bring their electronic devices to camp?
Electronic devices (iPods, phones, tablets, handheld devices, video games, and etc.) or cameras will not be allowed during camp time. Should your child choose to bring valuables to camp, it will be your child’s responsibility to look after his/her belongings. SummerFun and SCBC will not be held liable for any missing belongings.

When and how do I get my tax receipt?
The receipt will be sent via email to the person who paid by credit card online for registration. Please ensure the active email address is provided.

Do I need to post my child’s picture in the registration account?
Your child’s safety is the highest priority. Planning Center Online (PCO) is one of the best check-in and check-out software in North America. You and your child will receive a unique label daily when you drop off your child. The code in the label has to be shown when picking up the child. For the next level of security, we highly recommend that you and your child’s photos will be posted on your household account. Only the PCO administrators are able to access your profile when it is necessary.

Who do I contact for more information?
Please send all inquiries to with the subject title “SummerFun2020 Registration”.