GLO Welcomes You Back!

GLO Welcomes You Back!

Children’s GLO Worship is back in-person on Sundays for Toddlers (2-3 years), JK-SK, and Grades 1-6 at 9:50am (alongside English service) and for JK-SK and Grades 1-6 at 11:20am (alongside Cantonese and Mandarin services).

Children are welcome to join after the intergenerational worship at the English, Cantonese or Mandarin services. 

Beginning July 10th, GLO Worship for Toddlers will start at 9:50 am. Children between 2-3 years of age are welcome to join after the intergenerational worship at the English service. Each month, we will have the first two weeks of complete drop-off and the last two weeks for parents and toddlers to worship together.

Children are invited to join their parents’ worship service (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin) for the first 15 minutes.

Embracing children in our worship is one of the ways to tell them: “Jesus loves you!” One of the most excellent benefits of worshiping together with children is the actual passing on of our faith to the next generation. When we worship together, we teach our children how to read the Scriptures, pray, confess their sins, and sing unto God. We anticipate that they will learn by watching and participating in how to intercede for one another and to rejoice in God. Together, we create a welcoming atmosphere for our next generation and good memories of acknowledging God’s presence in corporate worship. By God’s grace and mercy, we create an intergenerational testimony.

By 9:50am and 11:20am, children will then be gathered at the Sanctuary/Gym exit to be led to their respective rooms.

The video to show the check-in process.

Please check out the PCO page for more information regarding check-in procedures and more.”